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A wonderful holiday time at East London, South Africa

If you are on a South Africa holiday tour, you must definitely pay a visit to East London that is situated on the south eastern coast. Lying between the two rivers Buffalo and Nahoon within the Amatole district of Eastern Cape Province, this town promises a fun filled vacation time for the visitors. This city comes under the Buffalo City local Municipality and it acquired its city status in the year 1914. This is the only city in South Africa that features a river port. This city played a huge role during the time of war between the British colonizers and local inhabitants. It was used as a supply port service to the neighbouring military headquarters, King William's Town. Soon a lot of people started to settle down permanently around the port area and this led to the development of the town. This area is dominated by the German migrants. Today, many places around the East London City carry German names.

The city of East London, being relatively small in area, enjoys good economic status over the past several years. It boasts the second largest industrial centre in the entire Eastern Cape Province. So vacationers visit this city not only for sight-seeing but also for business reasons too. You can find many sight-seeing attractions and beaches in East London Hotels. The town also enjoys a pleasant warm climate all year round. All these things make East London a perfect holiday destination.

There's also a good amount of East London Accommodation from which to choose on your vacation or business trip. From Hotels, Guest Houses as well as Self Catering stays.

How to spend time here:

East London is THE BEST place in the whole of South Africa for enjoying the beauty of undersea life. There are lots of water sport activities available here in the beach area. Snorkeling trips are offered here that are very popular among the holiday-makers. There are four major reefs and spots here where people can enjoy the beauty of undersea life. Gonubie point is the best place for a comfortable snorkeling experience. The waters in this area are calm and cool. But the outer edge area of the reef is a bit risky and therefore only experienced swimmers and divers are allowed to swim here. Glen Eden point is also a popular snorkeling spot where you could a have a shallow dive to watch the various fish species and other marine life forms. If you wish to take your kids along with you and give them an opportunity to learn more about the marine life forms, you should visit the Mermaid pool. This region is not very deep, just about 1.5 meters and thus is an ideal spot for your children to have a diving experience. Orient side is yet another spot in the east part of the pier of East London. Fish species like Knife Jaw and Silver Steenbras can be spotted here. Boulder reef is not far away. The depth of water here can reach as much as 6 meters and therefore this spot is not suitable for kids.

Hiking- A hiking trip would be ideal for those individuals who prefer to try more of the land activities as opposed to adventure water sports. There two hiking trails along the East London coastline; the Strandloper Trail and the Sundown Trail. The Strandloper Trail starts from the mouth of Kei River and continues up to Gonubie. This trail is over 60 kilometres and it presents spectacular views of the golden beaches, coastal forests, magnificent cliff tops and rivers. To take care of the resting needs of hikers, there are many hotels, overnight shelters and other accommodation options along the way. The Sundown Trail is the less tedious one.

Enjoy playing paintball game- If you enjoy the game, you may also do it at the heart of East London. A huge area of roughly 322,500 square metres is reserved for this purpose. This spot is very close to the airport terminal. The natural grass and trees of the field makes the paintball experience really realistic. Whether you intend to relieve your stress, do a mini team building activity, or leave your children in a place where they could have fun at the same time, Bush Warriors is the place to be.

Though, East London is a small city it still presents a pleasurable holiday experience for its visitors. The calm laid-back atmosphere, beautiful sceneries along the coastline, spectacular golden beaches, rich cultural history and lots of exciting water sport adventure activities makes East London the most sought-after holiday destination of South Africa.

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